Music Video's and Film Work

 Music Video, TV and Film Production Makeup and Hair styling for men, women and children. Natural to Dramatic, Body Art, and Special Effects. Grooming... including corrective natural (Unseen) coverage.  On set touch-ups for all makeup and hair.


Wardrobe styling and wardrobe purchasing available.  

 Special Effects, Air Brush Body makeup and Tanning Airbrushing available.

Always very upbeat and positive, while maintaining professionalism, and hard working.

Check back soon, more video and film work is being added!



Taking Dawn   "Time To Burn"                  


*You can see Terra's little cameo  at 2:36 :)           



All That Remains     "Hold On"                                                                                                                                                                    Youtube


*You can see Terra in the picture frame the man is holding at 0:51 (Dont blink or you'll miss it!) :)


 Young the Giant    "Apartment"                                                                                                                                                               


Darkest Hour  "Savor  the Kill"       


Darkest Hour : MTV's HeadBangers Ball Interview, Hair and Makeup and Grooming:



 Hair and Makeup for G4 TV  Jessica Chobot , Rad Jobs with Ean Golden



 Hair and Makeup for G4 TV review of 2013 Chevy Camaro ZL1



MythBusters Comic-Con appearance:




Paulina K'Anna promo video


Broyhill Furniture Performance Leather Video : makeup, hair and wardrobe styling ( for this video you will have to click the link, then click "open this content in new window" )




Just a little fun project in Studio W26






 Look for more video's  and film uploaded soon....